Breathing City Events

Clean Air Day

Thu, June 17, 2021 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM BST Eventbrite

As part of Clean Air Day 2021, we’ll be hosting an event around engaging and involving the wider public in clean air research. Along with our partner networks, we ask how the research community can ‘translate’ air quality science into messaging, media stories and social media campaigns that cut through to the public, and enable them to join the conversation.

Clean Air Day is focused on improving public understanding of air pollution and building awareness of how air pollution impacts our health. This event is organised jointly by the the six SPF-Clean Air funded air quality networks. The event will be hosted by Prof Cath Noakes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the University of Leeds. Speakers as follows:

  • Charlotte Zamboni, Marketing Director, Global Action Plan: Playing on the positive  – Turning clean air research into compelling communications
  • Lukasz Walasek, University of Warwick: How do we turn communications into action? Insights from behavioural science.
  • Mike Morrison, Michigan State University: How to ‘speed up’ science and make it bitesize and user friendly.

There will be plenty of time for discussion and to explore ideas with the panel.

Seminar Series:

13/04/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Jim Stewart Evans. Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist at Public Health England. Talk title “Characterising environmental hazards to health: outdoor and indoor exposures”. Watch again on YouTube

27/04/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Dr. Maarten van Reeuwijk. Reader in the Fluid Mechanics section in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College. Talk title “Understanding personal exposure in outdoor environments using large-eddy simulation”. Watch again on YouTube

11/05/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Dr. Megan Davies Wykes. Lecturer in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Talk title “Models for natural ventilation: sash windows and cross-ventilation”. Watch again on YouTube

25/05/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Prof. Nicola Carslaw. Professor in Indoor Air Chemistry Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York. Talk title “‘Indoor air pollution: should we be worried?”. Watch again on YouTube

08/06/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Dr Jim McQuaid and Dr. Kirsty Pringle. School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. Talk title “BiB Breathes: Measuring Children in Bradford’s Exposure to Air Pollution” [Jim McQuaid: BiB Breathes: Project design and the Bradford Clean Air Zone, Kirsty Pringle: BiB Breathes: Sensors, testing and school engagement]. Watch again on YouTube

22/06/2021 13.00-14.00 BST. Professor John Thornes. Public Health England Principal Climate Change Scientist and Emeritus Professor of Applied Meteorology at the University of Birmingham. Talk title tbc.

06/07/2021 12.00-13.00 BST. Jenny Brierley PhD Researcher in the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Talk title “Zero-carbon and breathable homes – is there a missing link?”

Launch Event

On Monday 18th January 2021, the Future Urban Ventilation Network hosted a launch event online. Professor Cath Noakes (PI) provided an overview of the project (slides here) and four air quality experts delivered fantastic presentations.  

You can view these talks below, or click on the title to download the slides:

The afternoon provided more information about the project themes: ‘Coupled indoor-outdoor environments‘; ‘Health-centred ventilation design‘, and ‘Breathing City into Practice‘. This was followed by four online interactive discussion boards.

You can view these talks below, or click on the theme title to download the slides:

The day was concluded with a lively discussion panel to share a variety of perspectives on the topic. The invited panel were:

You can view the panel discussion here: