Theme 2: Health-centred ventilation design

Theme Leads: Abigail Hathway and Henry Burridge

**Theme 2 news November 2022 – Call to engagement and advancement meeting between health professionals and indoor environment researchers**

Theme 2 explores innovations required to deliver good ventilation for occupant health. Workshop activities are exploring:

  1. the evidence base for key health and exposure parameters that could form the performance specification for future ventilation;
  2. how the challenges of understanding indoor and outdoor airflow relate to the resulting uncertainty in occupant exposure, and the implications for ventilation design;
  3. identification of future ventilation requirements in terms of research and immediate technological development.

The first workshop will be used to scope an investigator led systematic review on occupant exposure for respiratory health due to indoor and outdoor air flows, and the role that both ventilation system design and occupant behaviour plays in this. Workshop 2 will be in conjunction with theme 1 and used to scope out a call for small scale research projects into future health centred ventilation design with the results of these forming a basis for discussions and development of future research through workshop 3 at the end of project. A key aspect of the pilot projects will be the influence of human behaviour and activity, and so this call will draw in outcomes from the community science activities in theme 3. Unintended consequences are prevalent in the delivery of poor quality ventilation solutions, and so this theme will explicitly draw in a breadth of expertise to ensure a range of influences on ventilation performance are considered. The final workshop will bring together expertise from within the network and outputs from other networks to consider ventilation design holistically based on flows, health impacts, noise, energy loss, automatic control, human behaviour and air pollution in the co-creation of research projects at a range of technology readiness levels to deliver health-centred ventilation.

Theme 2 key partners