Partner Events

TAPAS Lunchtime Seminar Series

Every Thursday, 1pm-2pm, online

Our partner network, TAPAS have an online weekly seminar series: you can find out more and see the schedule here

CleanAir4V Lunchtime Seminars

Our partner network, CleanAir4V, has 2 upcoming seminars this September. Full joining details and abstracts can be found on their events page.

Wednesday 15th September 12-1pm: Professor Zhuohui Zhao (Fudan University)

Title: “Intervention Studies on Air pollution and health in China”. Professor Zhaos’ research interests particularly focus on indoor air pollution, environmental exposure and health and childhood environmental exposure. She has publications on topics covering PM2.5 and PM1 to bioaerosols and microorganisms. Much of the work links air pollutants to health impacts such as sick building syndrome and chronic respiratory diseases.

Wednesday 22nd September 12-1pm: Dr Li Liu (Tsingua University)

Title: “Occupational exposure risk of healthcare workers and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic”. Dr Liu over the last 18 months has focused on indoor transmission of COVID-19. His work has included ventilation strategies in various settings and environmental monitoring techniques in infection control.

Social Research and Air Quality: STFC, Social Sciences and SAQN

Tuesday 26th January, 12.30 – 14.30, online

How do social sciences undertake and interact with air quality research? What capabilities does STFC have to support social science research in this field? Can we build collaborations between different disciplines to address air quality challenges?

In this interactive, online session, we will hear from social scientists researching air quality, and from STFC departments with the potential to support these types of research. There will be opportunities to discuss how to work across social and physical sciences, and to break down disciplinary barriers to enable better collaboration. We will focus on the next steps needed to include social sciences more fully in air quality research.

The workshop is for STFC staff, all air quality researchers and anyone with a background in social science. Attendance is free, but registration in advance is required.

Further networking time will be available for an hour after the meeting closes.