Understanding air quality for health in different environments

Understanding air quality for health in different environments

Thu, 22 September 2022 11:30 – 17:30 BST

This half day event will explore indoor air quality for health with a particular focus on “Understanding AQ for health in different environments” – discussing the challenges of measuring air quality and ventilation and relating this to health parameters.

We will bring together a range of speakers including:

  • Prof. Chris Whitty (pre-recorded): AQ and health; challenges and needs
  • Dr. David Fishwick: The Lungs at Work; formidable yet fragile
  • Dr. Miranda Loh: title tbc
  • Cairan Van Rooyen: Public ventilation surveys
  • Dr. Abigail Hathway: Measuring ventilation rates in hospitality venues
  • Dr. Curtis Gubb (tbc): Healthy building design

We will also hear about four pilot studies funded by the Future Urban Ventilation Network:

  • Dr. Marco Felipe King: Not every air quality measurement should be treated the same: standardising visuals
  • Dr. Monica Mateo-Garcia: Impact of different building standards on indoor air quality in homes
  • Dr. Hong Yang: Ventilation, indoor air quality and people health in care homes
  • Dr. Jonathan Higham: Real-time residential monitoring of children with suspected pollution related respiratory diseases

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