Management Group

The network brings together research and practice expertise across multiple disciplines with common interests in urban airflow, building ventilation, air quality and health. The core research team is drawn from nine academic institutions and Public Health England.

Prof. Cath Noakes. Principal investigator. University of Leeds. Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings. Expertise in ventilation for health, including transport of airborne pathogens and engineering approaches to controlling infectious disease transmission.

Prof. Malcolm Cook. Co-investigator and co-lead of Theme 1. Loughborough University. Professor of Building Performance. Expertise in CFD modelling of natural ventilation, developing coupled airflow/thermal comfort simulation tools, and design guidance for modelling natural ventilation.

Prof. Maarten van Reeuwijk. Co-investigator and co-lead of Theme 1. Imperial College. Reader in Environmental Fluid Mechanics. Expertise in simulation and modelling of flow, AQ and comfort in the urban environment.

Dr. Henry Burridge. Co-investigator and co-lead of Theme 2. Imperial College London. Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics. Expertise in simplified mathematical modelling supported by laboratory experiments, spanning convection in the built environment, natural and hybrid building ventilation and indoor air quality.

Dr. Abigail Hathway. Co-investigator and co-lead of Theme 2. University of Sheffield. Senior Lecturer and Chartered Building Services Engineer. Experience in evaluating the role of occupant behaviour on the indoor environment, through statistical models of behaviour and the resulting impact on pollutant transport.

Prof. Tim Sharpe. Co-investigator and lead of Theme 3. Strathclyde University. Professor of Architecture. Expertise in building design and health, particularly in the home environment.

Prof. Janet Barlow. Co-investigator. University of Reading. Professor of Environmental Physics. Expertise in urban meteorology applied to weather forecasting, air quality and natural ventilation, including indoor environments. Member of the Met Office Scientific Advisory Committee.

Dr. Matteo Carpentieri. Co-investigator. University of Surrey. Senior Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics. Expertise in wind tunnel modelling of urban and atmospheric flows, and associated processes (dispersion and micro-climate).

Dr. Omduth Coceal. Co-investigator. University of Reading. Research Fellow. Expertise in urban flow and dispersion modelling, spanning building-resolving, neighbourhood and urban boundary layer scales.

Dr. Megan Davies Wykes. Co-investigator. University of Cambridge. Dr Liz Acton University Lectureship in Engineering. Expertise in fluid dynamics, performing small-scale laboratory experiments and modelling of building ventilation and pollution dispersion.

Prof. Paul Linden. Co-investigator. University of Cambridge. Expertise in fluid dynamics of internal air flow, exchange flow across the indoor/outdoor interface and indoor pollution including low-energy buildings and natural ventilation.

Jim Stewart-Evans. Co-investigator. Public Health England. Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist. Expertise in exposure and risk assessments, public health advice related to emissions and air pollutants for industrial regulation and spatial planning.

Prof. Alison Tomlin. Co-investigator. University of Leeds. Professor. Expertise in energy, air quality and urban meteorology including reactive flow models for emissions and pollutant dispersion at multiple scales incorporating methods for predictive uncertainty quantification.

Dr. Andrew Timmis. Co-investigator. Loughborough University. Lecturer in Transport.  Expertise in the quantitative assessment of environmental impacts including local air pollutants and covers the intersection of transport, urban form and planning.

Dr. Christina Vanderwel. Co-investigator. Southampton University. UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer. Expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, specialising in the use of laser diagnostics to study turbulent flows and mixing. Her fellowship, explores pollution dispersion through flow over 3D-printed urban models using fluorescent tracers.

Prof. Zheng-Tong Xie. Co-investigator. University of Southampton. Expertise in computational simulation for urban flows, pollutant dispersion and heat transfer in outdoor and indoor urban environments.

Dr. Christos Halios: Co-investigator. University of Reading. Lecturer in Sustainable Technologies in the School of Built Environment. Expertise in urban physics applied to air quality and indoor/outdoor exchanges for urban sustainability.

Dr Katy-Anne Moseley. Network coordinator. University of Leeds. Expertise in environmental microbiology, impact and public engagement.