Guidance, consultations and briefings

Guidance, consultations and briefings

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of publications associated with both indoor and outdoor air quality, respiratory health, and pollutant exposure. We have provided a short summary of a selection of these to help you keep up to date!

WHO publication: Health and Combined Exposure to Multiple Chemicals in Indoor Air

This publication closes the series on the assessment of children’s health risks from exposure to multiple chemicals in indoor air in schools, kindergartens and day-care centres. It provides a selection of evidence-informed risk-reduction measures that can be considered for implementation in public settings for children at the local level based on the results of health risk assessments.

Guidance: Ventilation to reduce the spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19

The UKHSA have updated a report providing guidance on the ventilation of indoor spaces to reduce the spread of respiratory infections, including coronavirus. It discusses what ventilation is and why it is important, and how you can improve your ventilation at home, at work and in vehicles.

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Approved POSTnote: Urban Outdoor Air Quality

This POSTnote will summarise the evidence for different measures to mitigate emissions from different sources of air pollution. More information here. To contribute expertise or literature, please e-mail

UPDATE JANUARY 2023 – this report has now been published

House of Commons Research Briefing. Air Quality: policies, proposals and concerns

A House of Commons Library Briefing Paper on air quality in the UK, including current law and policy, trends in air pollutants and information on the UK Government and devolved Governments’ plans and ambitions to improve air quality. Full briefing paper here.

Defra Consultation. Deadline: 4 September 2022

Defra are asking for views on the Draft National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP). In the draft NAPCP the UK government and devolved administrations have outlined the policies and measures (PaMs) which will be considered further to reduce emissions in accordance with the national emission reduction commitments (ERCs) set under the National Emission Ceilings Regulations (NECR) 2018. More information here.

Recent reports/statements/responses from the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP)

Air pollution: cognitive decline and dementia

Particulate air pollution: health effects of exposure

Response to WHO Air quality guidelines 2021

Advice note: Environment Act PM2.5 targets