Theme one workshop: Perspectives on ventilation and air quality modelling

14th September 2021. 10.00-15.00

We are developing a technical framework to enable a new integrated health evidenced approach to urban building design and technology innovation. Theme one of our network, focuses on mechanisms for ingress and egress of pollutants in buildings and the tools and techniques for quantifying this exchange. Theme one leads, Malcolm Cook and Maarten van Reeuwijk are hosting an online workshop to identify how mathematical models are used currently by building stakeholders, to explore stakeholder needs in terms of ventilation and air quality, to explore reality versus modelling and to identify opportunities from emerging technologies.

10.00-12.15. Invited presentations from different stakeholders in this area:

12.15-13.00. Break for lunch

13.00-14.00. Breakout groups. Discussion topics to include multiple-stakeholder design; what models do different stakeholders require; what data do we need?; active/passive ventilation; and urban planning

14.00-15.00. Feedback from breakout groups and wrap up.