Inaugural World Ventilation Day 8th November!

Inaugural World Ventilation Day 8th November!

Ventilating and cleaning the air in buildings is a crucial part of enabling health and wellbeing of people. But it is so often ignored or poorly understood – and we usually only notice when there is a problem.

Good ventilation can reduce exposure to air pollutants and infectious diseases, help us to perform better and be more productive, enable us to sleep better, and reduce mould and damp in buildings.

We are launching World Ventilation Day #WorldVentil8Day. The intention is to use the day to put a spotlight on ventilation, highlighting why ventilation is so important, how it can be done well and to champion the organisations and people who work together to deliver good ventilation for health and sustainability.

Our first World Ventilation Day theme is all about Celebrating Ventilation #CelebrateVentilate. We want to shout about everything that is good about ventilation, how we can help people to ventilate and clean the air in buildings better, and to recognise the people who work to improve health and wellbeing  of people around the globe through better ventilation.

A formal launch will be held at the BESA National Conference in London on 20 October. Professor Cath Noakes will be delivering a keynote speech to mark the occasion by discussing the ongoing undervaluing of ventilation in building design and by society as a whole.

Join in!

World Ventilation Day is all about raising awareness of ventilation and recognising the ventilation and clean indoor air community. We want you to be part of it, whether you are a ventilation professional or someone with a passion for fresh air in your building.

We want to use World Ventilation Day to share all the great work and stories of people who are enabling better indoor air in buildings around the globe.

Join on social media. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, share your stories and join the conversation. Use #WorldVentil8Day to highlight the importance of ventilation. This could be through:

  • Sharing key reports, standards or studies that inform ventilation
  • Running a CPD event focusing on ventilation
  • Giving a talk or running an activity for a school or community group to help promote healthy and sustainable ventilation
  • Championing sustainable ventilation and air cleaning to help people manage good indoor spaces without increasing energy use
  • Organising a seminar or workshop to share the latest knowledge about ventilation
  • Sharing stories of the people who enable great ventilation