Competition winners announced!

Competition winners announced!

Two of the grand challenges faced by architects and engineers this decade is in designing buildings and technology solutions that create healthy indoor environments and meet net zero targets. This competition invited applicants to propose an innovative building design or technology solution that addresses these two challenges together. 

We had a range of fantastic entries and our expert judging panel narrowed it down to 2 individual submission winners and 3 group submission winners:


1st place –  Hasan Shwaish – Façade and Natural Ventilation Solution for a Basement Event Space

2nd place –  Marco Antonio Paz Garcia – G2G Social Housing – (from) Granite to Green


1st place –  Oliver Millar, Matteo Conti, Martha Day, Jade Low. – Architectural and Environmental Design of Colechurch House, London SE1

2nd place –  Will Eliot and Sebastian Tam. – HygroWall

3rd place –  Jinal Shah, Tristan Hall, Sophie Elliott, Thomas Stringer, Ken Tan, Luc Smith, Chotipha Sukamongkol, Mihaly Ormay, Xuqiang Wang. – Architectural and Environmental Design of 1 St. James’s Square


Many thanks to our judges: Cath Noakes, Tim Sharpe, Christine McHugh and Andy Acred!

The Future Urban Ventilation Network brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to understand the technical and practical challenges of a health-evidenced approach to urban building design and technology innovation. 

We are creating a strategy for a new holistic approach to creating healthy indoor environments, considering coupled indoor-outdoor flows in the context of current and future air quality challenges together with their impacts on thermal comfort, noise and energy use. 

To engage with the next generation of building performance engineers and indoor air quality specialists, we wanted to hear about projects involving innovative building or technology solutions that improve the indoor environment. 

Competition project guidance: 

  • New building design 
  • Retrofit building design 
  • Integrated technology solutions 
  • Healthy building usability 
  • Building service technology innovation 
  • Integrated building and urban design solutions for health 

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