Reducing health harms associated with air pollution

Reducing health harms associated with air pollution

FUVN Co-I, Jim Stewart-Evans, with the Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards Directorate of the UK Health Security Agency have published a new Issue of the Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report to coincide with national Clean Air Day. The theme of this issue is Reducing health harms associated with air pollution and it is available to download from the website.

Content covers:

  • The UK Health Security Agency Cleaner Air Programme
    • Building the evidence base (five articles, including updated mortality burden estimates attributable to air pollution)
    • Influencing and supporting stakeholders (five articles, including setting air pollution targets under the Environment Act 2021)
    • Improving awareness and understanding (four articles, including a guest article on the role of health professionals by Global Action Plan, organisers of Clean Air Day)
  • An extended feature article on current understanding of the influence of the COVID-19 outbreak on the health effects of air pollution

You can find an index of nearly 800 articles from previous reports at

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